Angel Wings- Design for Faith

Angel Wing TattoosThe first woman, Elayne Angel, who was credited with the angel wings tattoo design, was a professional body piercer and body modification enthusiast. Her version, a full back tattoo, had the lower right wing that is interrupted by a heart with a banner across it, which reads “slave”. Ever since then, angel wing tattoos have been a popular design for those who get tattoos.

Along with the popularity of the angel wings design, there are also many different styles of wings which you can choose from and can be tattooed in a number of different places of the body. Where? It’s up to you; wherever you want it, a tattoo artist can do it. Down below is a list of the most common types of angel wings tattoos.

Feather Angel Wings: Feather angel wings are the most traditional of all the wings. They are normally done in all black ink and with multi-layered feathers.

Tip: Tattoos tend to hold up best over time in places on the body that don’t get as much sun!

Tribal Tattoo Wings: Tribal wings are a representation of angel wings. Like the feather angel wings, it’s also done typically in grayscale and in black ink. However this rule may be broken, so you should not shy away from using colors and having more details in your design.

Accessioning Angel Wings: Not only can you choose just a pair of angel wings tattoo design, you can also add onto its traditional look. This is if you decide that you want to accessorize the wings.  For example, you can include a heart which is a very popular choice for the lower back or the chest area

Of course, you do not have to stick with the typical designs of angel wings. Don’t be afraid of showing who you are. Angel wings are a symbol of faith, so make it your own. If you wish to, you can even create your own design that expresses yourself as a unique individual since it’s what tattoos are all about. So when you decide on getting angel wings tattoo design, make sure that it shows your true personality.

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